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Teacher / student Notes sit at the centre of site resources and in this section you'll find a wide range of Notes on a diverse range of topics that come in three broad pdf formats:

1. Simple notes:

These generally consist of basic, unvarnished, text although some have a more-complex construction. Given the age of the site and the fact that some of these Notes were created at the very start these may be getting a bit long-in-the-tooth - particularly those that reference empirical research - so you'll probably need to supplement these with other reading at times.

2. Complete chapters from published textbooks:

The chapters tend to involve much less detail than the simple notes and are more tightly focused on different exam Specifications. They also feature relatively contemporary studies.

3. Structured notes:

These are based around a relatively simple teaching and learning format. The notes are much shorter and more tightly-focused because the emphasis is largely on how to present information in different exams.

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