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Defining The Mass Media

This Visual Sociology  file covers: Traditional definitions of "mass media"; Old mass media / old media; New mass media / new media; Characteristics of the new mass media.

Ownership and Control


This Visual Sociology  file covers: Key Concepts in the Ownership and Control debate; Media Ownership: State and Private; Owners and Controllers; Concentration: Product and Information Diversity; Conglomeration and Diagonal Integration.

Ownership and Control


This Visual Sociology  file covers:  Theories of Ownership and Control: Instrumental Marxism; Neo (Hegemonic) Marxism; Pluralism.

The Selection of News

Marxist models of news production (Manipulative and Hegemonic);
Pluralist models of news production.

News Values

Written by Janis Griffiths, this teaching and learning support pack examines the selection and presentation of news in terms of the concept of news values.  It's a wide-ranging document that looks at Marxist and Pluralist perspectives, Ideology and Moral Panics.

Media Chapter

This complete chapter taken from the 1st edition of AS Sociology for AQA covers:
1. Defining mass media.

2. he ownership and control debate.

3. The selection and presentation of news.

4. Media representations.

5. Media effects.

Media Technology

An overview of print and electronic media development; Ideology and technological development;  the manifest and latent functions of technological development.

Ownership and Control


The Ownership and Control debate;  Concentration and conglomeration;  Media, culture and ideology.

Ownership and Control


Functionalist, Marxist and Pluralist interpretations of the role of the mass media; The significance of media ownership and control.


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Mass Media


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