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The Web offers a wide range of useful resources - both primary and supplementary - for teachers and students and in this section you'll find a range of links to a variety of sites that I think are worth visiting.

The sites are broadly categorised in line with different Specification areas, plus three extra categories: there are a growing number of useful Sociology Blogs around, some run by A-level teachers, other by University lecturers. While both are helpful in their different ways, the former tend to offer a wider range of help and advice relating to the mechanics of teaching and learning.

The second category I've termed "Miscellaneous" because this relates to sites offering resources in more than a single category.

The final category - Textbooks - gives you access to free sociology textbooks from around the web. While the majority of these are American published the standard is generally around a-level and the texts cover much the same kind of Specifications.

The resources, like the sites themselves, come in a variety of shapes and types - part of the appeal is exploring what they have to offer...

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Useful Sociology Sites