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Get Revising

In addition to a range of revision notes (for Psychology and a whole load of other subjects as well as Sociology) the site gives you the ability to create things like revision timetables, revision cards, quizzes and tests. The revision materials include text notes, presentations, audio mp3s and short video clips - the majority of which have been created by students for students (there's an incentive scheme involving Amazon vouchers to encourage students to upload resources). The site also gives registered users the ability to set-up study groups with a discussion forum and the ability to share resources.


Revision World offers free GCSE and A-level (AS and A2) revision resources across a wide range of subjects. The Sociology section contains materials on study skills materials, AS Research Methods and A2 World Sociology with some sample "Questions and Answers" based around the Letts series of revision books. In addition to the resources you'll also find discussion rooms, a games area (with a wide range of simple Flash-based games) and a competition room where you can win a wide range of desirable goodies for very expenditure of valuable brain-power.


This site has, amongst a range of other things, a wide range of revision notes on a number of different AS and A2 topics (including, of course, Sociology). The notes are a little basic and don't cover include every possible AS / A2 module (and they don't always cover everything required for a particular module). You should also note that the materials were produced for the 2000 Specification and haven't been updated to take account of changes in the 2008 Specification. Having said this, the notes are generally sound and if you use them in conjunction with a copy of the new Specification you won't go far wrong.


Although not a revision site, per se, Tutorhub acts as a hub for tutors (the clue is in the name); in other words, if you're looking for a tutor - either as part of a self-study program or because you think you need a little bit more help in some areas of your course. You can either strike a deal with an online tutor if you need some extensive tutoring or, if you're just looking for an answer to a one-off question they have a message board you can use for this purpose.

The tutor pages

Another site that puts you in touch with tutors, although this one specialises in face-to-face meetings, so unless there's a tutor near where you live it not as flexible as online tutor sites - although the upside here is that you actually get to meet your tutor is real, as opposed to cyber, space.

Eddis Tutorial Services

This site offers a range of services and support for IGCSE's and A-levels focused on the Cambridge International Examination. It's mainly aimed at American students and parents (home-schooling and self-study) but there's plenty of information available on a range of courses that's useful to a wider audience.

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