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This section contains a variety of resources aimed at both students and teachers, consisting of:

Notes covering a range of Specification areas. These are available in a variety of formats, from simple notes, through complete previously-published textbook chapters to structured notes based around a relatively simple teaching and learning format.

PowerPoints: Most of these are aimed at classroom use - particularly the simple slides and revision flashcards. There are, however, more-complex PowerPoint packages that can be used either individually, for revision purposes, or collectively as classroom-based revision exercises.

NotAFactsheet: Like a Factsheet (but Not).

Lesson Plans are aimed at teachers and consist of complete lessons, lesson fragments (relatively simple ideas that can be incorporated into a wider lesson and lesson outlines - a range of ideas and information that can adapted and shaped into different lessons.

Worksheets: For those teachers and students who like a bit of independent study.

Revision: Maps, Cards and Spider Diagrams.

Simulations: For teachers looking to spice-up their classes, a range of simulations designed to get students thinking.

Flipbooks: Book chapters you can read online like a magazine...

Free Resources


Teachers and Students

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