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Chris Livesey

Main academic qualifications:
BA (Hons) Sociology: Lancaster University
MSc (Econ): London School of Economics


15 years lecturing A-level and GCSE Sociology (and a bunch of other stuff) at a Further Education college.

Main publications:

AS Sociology for AQA (2005)
AS Sociology for AQA [2nd edition, 2010)
A2 Sociology for AQA (2006)
The Joy of Murder (2007)
Sociology in Focus for AQA AS Teacher Guide
Sociology in Focus for AQA A2 Teacher Guide

OCR Sociology for AS (2012)

Cambridge International AS and A-level Sociology Coursebook (2014).

Cambridge International AS and A-level Sociology Coursebook 2nd edition (2019)


Sociology Central was created 20-odd years ago, although the exact date of its birth is shrouded in mystery (mainly because I can't actually remember when I first started the site).

The sociology.org.uk URL was, however, first registered in 1998 and the site had existed for a few years prior to that on various servers and with various URLs.

If you have any interest at all in these things the Internet Archive Wayback Machine has saved site pages going back to 2000.

The site is, therefore, quite old (or, as I prefer it, "well established") in Internet Years and has, I trust, something going for it: if it's been around since BF (Before FaceBook) and is a rough contemporary of Amazon it's probably been doing something right.

What that "something" might be, I've no idea.


If you need to add a reference to my work (in essays, books, websites and so forth), you may find this helpful:

Chris Livesey (1995 - 2017) "Name of Resource": www.sociology.org.uk


The resource files you can download from this site are free (as in "you pay no money"), but I would like you to note that I still retain the copyright on them (call me sentimental if you want, but they did take me a long time to produce). What this means, if you are in any way unsure, is:

1. I have made files (Pdf, PowerPoint etc.) available for any teacher / student to download, copy and use for teaching purposes.

You may amend the materials as you see fit for the purpose of tailoring the materials to the needs of your students.

2. You may not charge anyone (students, other teachers or whoever) for the use of the materials.

3. You may make printed copies of the materials and use them in your teaching / learning. You may also copy the files or printed materials to give to other teachers / students to use in their teaching / learning.

4. You may not post these materials to another Web site (either your own or a third party's), nor may you publish any of the materials electronically (such as on an Intranet) or physically without first gaining my written agreement (it's unlikely to be withheld if you ask nicely, but you never know...).

This is not a watertight legal document (but I do have to put this type of statement on the site just to let you know where you stand). It does, however, reflect the basic spirit in which these materials are made available to you.

Useful Information

(If you want that sort of thing…)