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Hartford Institute

The Hartford Institute site offers a range of information and resources relating to all aspects of the Sociology of religion. In terms of links, for example, these include sociologists of religion, research resources and professional associations. More substantially, you'll also find a good range of on-line articles (most, admittedly, aimed at undergraduate audiences) and an extensive bibliography. The area you'll probably find most-useful, however, is the Encyclopedia (sic) of Religion and Society that offers articles on a wide range of religious themes.

BBC Online

As you'd expect from the BBC, this is a professional, accessible, site that offers a range of information about religion and "the UK's main religions". As you might expect, the information is fairly rudimentary, but it's probably sufficient for (AS-level) students who want an overview of the history and basic ideas of various religions.

Sociology of  Religion Resources

This site, from the University of Aberdeen, is broadly aimed at undergraduates, but it promises to develop into a useful site for a-level teachers and students. For the former there's access to a library of original research plus links to sociologists, journals and associations, while for the latter there are links to useful websites. The intention is to develop the site through the addition of things like video resources - so it's probably worth checking back from time-to-time.

Religion In Victorian Britain

Part of the very wonderful Victorian Web, the focus here is on religious behaviour and belief in 19th century Britain. Given that the site's aimed at American undergraduates it is, as you might expect, pretty text-heavy in places, but there's a lot of useful information here for both teachers and students. Not integral to the A-level course, but worth exploring if you want to understand the historical relationship between religion and society.

British Social Attitudes: Religion

The latest (2019) British Attitudes Survey contains lots of lovely statistical data your students can use to evaluate a couple of important aspects of the secularisation debate.

This post shows them how.

Paranormal Activity

Another dimension (quite literally in some cases) to the secularisation debate - as belief in religion declines, belief in the supernatural / paranormal increases...

Bare-Faced Messiah

If you're interested in Scientology (and let's face it, who isn't?) and want to know how it all began (with an obscure science-fiction writer called L. Ron Hubbard) then this is the site for you. Basically, it's the complete text of Russell Miller's 1987 magnum opus (which you can read on-line or download as a text file), plus a few bits-and-bobs (reviews, interviews and "key documents which expose Hubbard's falsehoods"). Oh, and there's also a very interesting section detailing the attempts of the "Church" of Scientology to suppress the book - scary stuff indeed...


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