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National Health Service History

This labour of love offers, in the words of its creator, Geoffrey Rivett, "the most substantial, perhaps the only, account of the first 60 years of the NHS". Although the information contained on the site is extensive and detailed, there is a valuable "short history" section for those who want a general overview of the NHS and its main developments.

 Sociology Lectures

A series of lecture notes (with the emphasis on "notes") prepared by Anthony Pryce of the City University, London. Although prepared for an undergraduate audience there's material here (on areas like illness as a social process and health and gender) that can be adapted to an A-level audience. The Home Page is a little weird (as in "Hmmm, that's a bit odd, but in a strangely attractive way").

Health Knowledge

Lots of Notes on various aspects of the Sociology of Health - sociological perspectives in particular - with a few activities thrown-in for good measure.

Social class and its Influence on Health

Online Notes covering:

How socioeconomic status is defined.

The effects of socioeconomic status on health.

The influence of society as a whole on health inequalities.

The social construction of

health and illness

Complete chapter, taken from OCR Sociology for AS (2012), looks at  defining health and illness and examines how these ideas are socially constructed.

Patterns and explanations of ill health

Another complete chapter, taken from OCR Sociology for AS (2012), looks at patterns of ill-health in relation to class, gender and ethnicity

Health Inequalities

PowerPoint Presentation focused on class, gender and ethnic health inequalities.

Health and Illness

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