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Introduction to Sociology

Using a slightly-different approach to "Introducing Sociology", this site uses PowerPoint slides to illustrate some introductory ideas in terms of: Defining Sociology, Socialisation and Deviance, Social Class, Gender and Ethnicity (the illustrative material is, it should be noted, largely drawn from American society). This is part of a larger site that includes more-complex materials (relating to areas like Rural and World Sociology) that are worth exploring at some point in your course.

Topic Exploration Packs

Four Introductory Packs on Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism and Postmodernism and their application to Culture and Identity. These "task-based" Packs provide some useful resources for both students and teachers.


A site supported by the American Sociological Association that provides a wide range of resources - simulations, exercises readings and a whole lot more for both teachers and students. Although there is an extensive Introductory section the site also encompasses many other aspects of a sociology course (such as research methods, culture and deviance). While some parts of the site appear to be broken there's enough still here to justify a visit.

 Systems and Problems

Although part of a larger site offering a wide range of introductory (and more advanced) readings, the main interest here for those new to Sociology is a handy glossary of terms. The definitions are a little basic but should serve as a starting point for the development of a course glossary of significant terms and concepts.

General Terms and Concepts

An introductory glossary that discusses a range of key terms and concepts in some detail.


Useful Introductory text (with a few supporting pictures) across a range of sociological areas - from social life (culture,socialisation, etc.) through social institutions (family, religion, economy) to social change. There's also a print friendly version here.

Introduction to Sociology

Some relatively simple Notes that provide a broad Introduction to Sociology and the work of Sociologists.

Introductory Sociology

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Introducing Sociology

4 short films

What Is Sociology?


Social Constructionism

Sociology and Commonsense

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