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Globalisation and the Digital World

Two sets of resources to help teach  / revise this OCR Unit:

1. Resource Pack: A range of PowerPoint Presentations and supporting documents combine into a "6-week teaching course".

2. Revision Stuff: PowerPoint slides and exam practice documents.


The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) is an on-line magazine that offers a huge amount of information about all aspects of world population (the statistics been the least part of the site). The focus here is on "population" in the wider context, as it relates to areas such as health, the environment, family, gender and the like.

New Internationalist

An invaluable source of articles (from 1973 to 2005) covering a wide range of issues relating to world sociology. Most of the articles are pitched at around the right level for A-level students, although some will probably be more useful as source material (both written and graphical) for teachers (although since there's a lot of information here it may take some time and effort to wade through what's available).

Reith Lectures 2000

A series of lectures, sponsored by the BBC in honour of Lord Reith (director-general in the 1920's) that explores various environmental and World Sociology issues form a number of different perspectives. The overall theme is "sustainable development", within which different writers *including the Prince of Wales) discuss particular issues and solutions to this problem. There are six lectures in the series, each of which can be browsed as text, audio or video presentations.

Global Sociology

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