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Global Development Chapter

This complete textbook chapter taken from A2 Sociology for AQA covers:

1. Different definitions and explanations of development and underdevelopment.

2. Development in relation to urbanisation, industrialisation and the environment.

3. The cultural, political and economic interrelationships between societies.

4. The role of aid, trade, transnational corporations and international agencies in different strategies for development.

5. Employment, education, health, demographic change and gender as aspects of development.


A short introduction to the concept of globalisation and its associated political, economic and cultural processes, written by Jonathon Blundell. The pack also includes a range of activities to help students understand and apply the concept.


Introductory | Deviance | Identity | Education | Family | Global | Media |

Health | Methods | Politics | Inequality | Theory | Religion | Welfare

Global Sociology


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