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Introduction To Sociology

A basic introduction to sociology that covers: What is Sociology?, the Sociological perspective and the relationship between sociological and commonsense knowledge.

Culture and Society

A general introduction to the concepts of culture and society that looks the question What is society?, the nature of social organisation and the relationship between culture and instinct;

Socialisation and Social Control

The difference between Genetic, Biological and Psychological theories of crime and deviance. Lombroso’s theory of crime. Eysenck’s theory of crime based around extrovert personalities. The concept of incorrect socialisation. Sociological criticisms of non-sociological theories of crime and deviance. Methodological observations.

The Formation of Culture

This is a complete chapter taken from OCR Sociology for AS, a book I wrote that was published in 2012. It's basically an introduction to some of the key concepts associated with culture and should be useful for anyone studying this general area at A-level. The chapter covers: Defining culture; Types of subcultures; Cultural diversity; Multiculturalism; Global, High, Popular and Consumer culture

Sociology ShortCuts: The Intro Issue

Issue 3 (September 2022) of Sociology ShortCuts Magazine covers some Introductory Sociology stuff, with short articles on basics like socialisation and socialising agencies plus a few bits-and-bobs - from ideology to the presentation of self - designed to stretch the more-determined students. This is the pdf version of the Mag but if you prefer to read your Sociology as an Online Flipbook then we have, as ever, got you covered. If, for some reason, you prefer your pdf files in landscape, as opposed to the more-conventional portrait, mode (basically, two facing pages on each A4 andscape page) then you're probably a bit strange.  Still, chacun a son gout, as they no-doubt say in France.

Introducing AS Sociology

This complete section, taken from the 1st edition of AS Sociology for AQA (2005), introduces some of the basic concepts involved in understanding the sociological perspective. These include, in no particular order, the difference between facts and opinions, instinct and culture, concepts of culture, roles, norms, values and the socialisation process.

Introduction to Sociology

Complete section, taken from the 2nd edition of AS Sociology for AQA (2009), that provides both a basic introduction to sociology (culture, values, roles and norms) and different sociological perspectives: Functionalist, Marxist, Feminist (liberal, radical, marxist and post), Interactionist and Postmodern.


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Introducing Sociology

4 short films

What Is Sociology?


Social Constructionism

Sociology and Commonsense

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