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What is Deviant?

An introduction to and discussion piece for Interactionist approaches.

Moral and Amoral Panics

Stuart Waiton argues that amoral panics are now the norm.

Labelling Theory

A short introduction by Professor Sandra Walklate.

Strain Theory

The basic rationale, central concepts and mechanics of this theory.

Broken Windows

An introduction to the general Right Realist approach to understanding and preventing crime and deviance.

The Functions of Crime

Steve Taylor discusses Durkheim’s ideas about the functions of crime.

One Minute Strain Theory

Merton’s Strain theory explained in 60 seconds

One Minute Interactionism

Applying key Interactionist ideas to deviance in just 60 seconds

One Minute Marxism

Applying key Marxist ideas to crime in just 60 seconds

One Minute Realism

Applying key Realist ideas to deviance in just 60 seconds

Video Resources

Text | PowerPoint | Audio | Video

Crime Channel: Theories

Theories | Power and Control | Social Distribution | Globalisation | Methods

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Social Theory and Crime

(Labelling / Strain / Realism)

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