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Routine Activities Theory [Pdf]

Rational Choice Theory [Online Flipbook]

Rational Choice Theory [Online Flipbook with video]

Felson and Cohen’s Routine Activities approach (1979) has arguably been one of the most-influential recent theories of crime, one that sits squarely within contemporary New Right / Realist explanations for crime and deviance.

This short analysis provides a brief overview of the Routine Activities approach to crime prevention and reduction coupled with an evaluation of the methodological underpinnings of the approach.

This is based around Sutton's (2018) argument that Routine Activities, despite claiming to be a scientific analysis of crime prevention, is an explanation that cannot be falsified.

In addition, the claim that it's always possible to claim the predictions made by Routine Activities are true means, as Sutton argues, the ultimate conclusion we can draw from it is that crime is a cause of crime...

The file is available in a couple of formats: as a downloadable pdf file and as on online flipbook.

Routine Activities Theory

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