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This podcast can be used to introduce students to some of the major concepts, questions and issues surrounding sociological approaches to Crime and Deviance. Specifically, the podcast identifies three key questions:

• What is the relationship between crime and social order?

• How is crime socially rather than individually caused?

• How and why do some actions come to be seen as criminal or deviant?

Key concepts covered in this podcast:

• The problem of order

• Everyday order

• Taken-for-granted order

• Rule creation and rule-breaking

• Deviance

• Crime

• Control agencies

• Individual and society

• Social variables

• Cross-cultural analysis

• Historical analysis

• Social distribution of crime

• Commonsense thinking

• Crime prevention

• Social construction of crime

• Power

• The State

Thinking Sociologically About Crime and Deviance

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Crime Channel: Theories

Theories | Power and Control | Social Distribution | Globalisation | Methods

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