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The second part of the podcast on Gender Role theory looks at newer developments in the theory and how these can be applied to an understanding of historical and cross-cultural gender differences in crime and deviance.

The podcast ends with the provocative question of whether, in late / post modern society, you no longer need to be male to be masculine…

Key concepts covered in this podcast:

• Dualist approach

• Social change

• Masculinities and Femininities

• Sewell (black Afro-Caribbean masculinity)

• Control theory

• Messerschmidt (normative masculinity)

• Strain theory

• Power

• Status

• Legitimate and illegitimate means

• Gendering the criminal

• Comparative study

• Miller (masculinist enterprises)

Gender Roles and Crime: Part 2

Crime Channel: Social Distribution

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Theories | Power and Control | Social Distribution | Globalisation | Methods

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