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Two key research issues are how to get access to people engaged in criminal and deviant behaviour and the ethical issues involved in studying such people.

In this podcast James Treadwell (University of Leicester) and Steve Taylor (LSE) talk about how they both solved these problems and the wider issues of studying people (such as Night Club Bouncers in the case of Treadwell and Child Abusers in the case of Taylor) who may not necessarily wish to be studied.

Key concepts covered in this podcast:

• Problems of access in research

• Ethical problems in research

• Observational research

• Informed consent

• Breaking ethical guidelines

• Justifying deception

• Personal dangers

Details of Taylor's research featured in this podcast can be found in:

Steve Taylor (1992) "Measuring Child Abuse" Sociology Review Vol.1, No 3.

Steve Taylor (1989) "Researching Child Abuse" in Burgess R (ed) "Investigating Society", pp.51-71: Longman

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