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“My name is Rachel

       and I’m a non-academic


     Embedded Sociologists are increasingly                  � Human Resources: Sociologists can play a
     common in the contemporary workplace, even              crucial role in areas like diversity and social
     in areas like the Tech Industry where                   inclusion / exclusion within companies. They
     sociologists bring their academic expertise to          can also have an important input into developing
     bear in a range of roles covering areas like:           non-discriminatory organisational cultures –
                                                             understanding, for example, why a particular
     � Public policy: analysing, understanding,              organisation or industry is unappealing to
     monitoring and measuring the impact company women, people of colour or those from less-
     or industry policies have on different social           privileged backgrounds.
                                                             � Training: These roles cover a wide range of
     � Corporate Social Responsibility: helping to           areas and ideas, but examples might include
     develop industry and organisational policies            sociological insights into developing inclusive
     around areas like education (such as the digital        corporate cultures, diversity training,
     divide), social environments (the impact                organisational impacts on the social environment
     different corporate polices on things like free         and the like.
     speech, harassment and bullying have on
     different communities) and inequality (how              � Research: While a conventional knowledge of
     technological developments “alleviate or                research methods – including methodological
     compound racial and socioeconomic                       concepts like reliability, validity and
     inequities”).                                           representativeness – can be useful to
                                                             organisations, sociological understanding can be
     � Compliance: developing and monitoring                 brought to bear on things like the impact of
     ways companies and organisations comply with different media technologies and a range of
     their legal and moral obligations to their              social media questions: why people use different
     customers and workforce.                                identities, online ethnography, social well-being
                                                             and so forth.

                                     While this list isn’t exhaustive , it is indicative of the kinds of careers
                                     and roles sociologists can have outside a relatively narrow range of
                                                          “public service” occupations.

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