Page 6 - Flipbook: Sociology Shortcuts Issue 3
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And What Can

           You Do With It?

     While it’s all-well-and-good understanding what sociology is, but the

     key question on every student’s lips is what can you do with it?

     According to the venerable British Sociological
     Association “Studying sociology…equips you              Sociology, as many sociologists are starting to
     with the skills for many careers”.                      understand, is almost uniquely-placed to take
                                                             advantage of the changing 21 century
     And while this is nice to know, it’s a bit vague.
                                                             This is because Sociology is a subject whose
     And to compound matters, digging deeper into            knowledge and skills can be applied to the needs
     what the BSA considers a career fit for a               and requirements of widely-different
     sociologist is, how shall we put it, a little           organisations and industries.
                                                             While some types of work clearly require specific
     While Police Officer, Voluntary Worker, Social          academic skills, an increasing number require
     Worker and Teacher are all, in their own                something softer: a more-general set of focused
     inimitable ways, worthwhile and fulfilling              skills that can be applied to a wide range of
     careers (so I’m reliably informed), they’re             different occupations.
     unlikely, with the best will in the world, careers
     to set the pulse racing.                                Any business that involves understanding things
                                                             like the group behaviours and dynamics of both
     This is perhaps compounded by the thought that customers and employees, or how to create and
     “learning about sociology is handy for                  maintain order and manage change a sociological
     subsequently teaching other people about                background is a distinct advantage.
     sociology” probably isn’t a great advert for the
     subject.                                                Which means the occupational horizons for
                                                             sociologists have both expanded exponentially

     It doesn’t, however, have to be this way.               over the past few years - and will continue to
                                                             expand into the foreseeable future - around the
     And increasingly it’s not, as both sociology and        idea of the non-academic sociologist embedded
     putative sociologists break-out of both the             into public and private organisations.
     “public sector silo” and the tyranny of
     particular types of job.

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