Page 2 - Flipbook: Sociology Shortcuts Issue 3
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        Issue 3 (yes, really) sees Sociology ShortCuts Anyway, this Issue sees another bumper crop
        cement its position as the numero uno free           of pages and content. And this time we’re

        Sociology Magazine aimed at A-level and              focusing on Introductory Sociology - all the
        High School Sociology students across the            things you need to learn in the first couple of
        UK, World and, if it’s not too much of a             weeks of “doing Sociology” before forgetting
        stretch, the Known Universe.                         about it completely.

        The fact it’s the only free Sociology                As ever, the content’s aimed at A-level

        Magazine aimed at etc. doesn’t, IMHO,                Sociology teachers and students of no and
        detract greatly from this status. Although           every exam board and you should find it
        maybe a little bit, if you’re being picky.           accessible while also being a bit challenging
                                                             in parts.

        But as someone very famous, whose actual
        name escapes me, once said “You’ve got to            Like Sociology, when you come to think
        be in it to win it”.                                 about it.

        And we’re definitely in it. For sure.                Which we hope you will.

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