The Keyword Files™
The Keyword Files™ have been designed to help students research and develop aKeyword Files - get 'em while they're hot... glossary of key sociological concepts, theories and studies for a range of AS / A2 modules. As such, The Keyword Files™ are not Exam Board specific, but the available categories do reflect the way the OCR Exam Board organise their Specifications.

The Keyword Files™ are designed to help students (and  teachers) by:

1. Highlighting the key ideas students will need to define and interpret in each module / course area.

2. Providing a basic structure for students to follow as they record the key ideas they will encounter in each module / area of the course.

The Keyword Files (I can't be bothered to add the ™ symbol any more - you've probably got the "joke" by now I hope...) build into a coherent revision aid for students and by the end of each module / course area students will have a solid, clearly-structured, collection of Key Notes that can be used as the basis for end-of-course revision.

The Keyword Files also represent a most-excellent (prop. Bill and Ted) form of in-course revision because students are encouraged (usually, it must be admitted, by their teachers wielding some form of blunt instrument) to build and develop their knowledge, understanding and interpretation of key ideas as they encounter and apply them during their course.

Each Keyword File is available for download in Word 6 or Word 2000 versions (the main difference between the two is that the latter uses coloured backgrounds...). Simply click on the version you require to begin the download process.
AS Culture and Identity A2 Inequality and Differentiation
1. Introductory Concepts
Word 6 [85k] / Word 2000 [53k]
1. Contemporary Changes in the Distribution of Wealth and Income
Word 6 [87k] / Word 2000 [55k]
    2. Contemporary Workplace Inequalities
Word 6 [88k] / Word 2000 [58k]
    3. Workplace Changes
Word 6 [87k] / Word 2000 [57k]
    4. Concepts of Poverty
Word 6 [85k] / Word 2000 [53k]
Keyword Concepts
Keyword Concept files have one big advantage over their Keyword Files counterparts - you don't have to complete them yourself (unless, of course, you really, really, want to - click on the graphic to download a blank sheet...). That's because I've already done it for you.

Each file:

Identifies a key concept...
Defines the concept
Suggests how it can be applied
Identifies related concepts

all on a single, tastefully muted-yet-colourful, A4 sheet (colour printer not supplied).

Download Blank Keyword Concepts Sheet
Methods and Methodology  
1. Reliability
Word 2000 [28k] / PDF [04k]
1. Validity
Word 2000 [28k] / PDF [04k]