Sociology Notes

Most Sociology sites you visit offer "Notes" in a variety of different forms and, as such, "Notes" (whether presented on-line, as a Web Page or as a download link for printed materials) are probably the most common form of resource readily-available on the web at present. However, as with any other type of resource, how you choose to use them is probably the most important consideration, since as with any type of resource, they have their uses and limitations.

In general, however, Sociology Notes found on the Web can, with careful preparation and planning, be used effectively for teaching and learning purposes.


Each of the following sites offer Notes in some shape or form...

ATSS Sociology Corner
SocioSite Hewitt School
Lancaster University SocioRealm
Education-line Sociology Central
Education World Sociology On-Line
Post-Modernism Bryn Hafren School
Social Science Paper Publisher South Devon College
Kearl's Guide to the Family Education in Britain
OUP Sociology Sociological Research Online
Mick Underwood's Media Site Media and Communications Site